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Management & HR consultancy 

If you want to establish your company in the Netherlands, we can help you set it up. Think of organizing your company, organizing personnel matters correctly. In addition to advice, we can also help you concretely with the implementation and management of your location. Also in the field of HR. We have HR software with which you can organize your HR matters completely digitally. We can manage this for you.

Insurance broker

Do you think about establishing your company in the Netherlands and are you looking for a reliable insurance broker who has experience in insuring companies from abroad? Then you have come to the right place, in recent years we have already advised many companies from abroad in the field of insurance and pensions. Many of these companies have settled in Amsterdam, but also outside. Sometimes these companies come to the Netherlands in connection with Brexit. We can help you completely in English, we also have most forms and conditions available in English.

Pension consultancy 

Do you think about setting up a pension scheme for your employees and you have a lot of questions for example:

What are the costs of a pension scheme? If you are not bound by a CAO you can choose. You can then choose from a very simple pension scheme up to and including a luxury scheme. For example, you can choose a pension scheme in which the annual costs can be well managed for you as an employer. You can also share the costs with your employees. Part of the pension premium is then settled with the salary. The pension costs are operating costs that are usually tax-deductible for you.

Good guidance is essential

With a good pension scheme you are an attractive employer, especially in the current tight labor market. If you want to make a pension scheme for your staff, then you should give good advice, pension is complex matter with many legal aspects. In order to arrive at a good and appropriate advice for your company / organization, a number of steps have to be taken, which is what we call the pension advice process. We take you by the hand and go through the pension advice process together. During this process you will receive 2-3 quotations from different suppliers (based on our inventory & analysis), so that you can compare them, we help you make the right choices. Then arrange the chosen pension offer for you.


The first calls can possibly take place via skype, by telephone or by e-mail. Then we can make an appointment in the Netherlands. Contact us at: 0031202617642 or by e-mail



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